TPUOA Legal Responsibilities

Tri Palm Unified Owners Association (TPUOA) has several legal responsibilities which include the following:

  • Ensure the operation of the Association complies with current statutory law, such as the Corporations Code of California, and other governing documents;
  • Ensure that the Association Bylaws are current and compatible with state laws;
  • Contract for and pay for legal counsel reasonably necessary for the administration of the Association’s affairs;
  • File appropriate legal action for homeowner violations;
  • Protect the rights and interest of the membership through lawsuits if necessary;
  • Defend the Association and membership from adverse lawsuits; and
  • Inform the owners of any litigation.


TPUOA vs Teasley–Court Case # PSC2001024

On February 7th, 2020 TPUOA filed a civil complaint against Andy Teasley alleging a breach of the Association’s Governing Documents has occurred by the separation of the title to the lot from the title to the residential dwelling and that continued violation of the Governing Documents by the Defendants as set forth will irreparably harm the Association and its members by diminishing the economic value, desirability, safety and quiet enjoyment of the members of the Association.

The case is titled Tri Palm Unified Owners Association v. Andy Teasley, et al., Riverside Superior Court Case No. PSC2001024.

TPUOA has undertaken this action as the Association believes the Defendants’ violations are continuous and would, therefore, require a multiplicity of suits and constitute an undue hardship to the Association and its members.

Click her to read the Judgment for Permanent Injunction – July 8, 2021

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Disclosure Letter Regarding Lawsuit

With a pending lawsuit, all prospective buyers must be provided with this Litigation Disclosure Letter.