Homeowners’ Welcome Redbook

The Welcome Redbook is our attempt at providing you with answers to the most common questions that our new homeowners ask.

Property Owners Handbook

The Property Owners Handbook  explains the rules, guidelines, and general information concerning Tri Palm Estates.

Bylaws of TPUOA

The Bylaws of Tri Palm Unified Owners Association BYLAWS 2020 (TPUOA) is one of the documents which govern the operation of the Association and all Members of the Association and all tenants, employees, and others who use the facilities. This document includes the revisions voted and approved on May 13, 2016.

TPUOA Board Elections

In accordance with the election procedure law, the TPUOA Board maintains the following documents:


The Architectural Committee maintain the following documents:

Governing Documents

The Master Declaration, Articles of Incorporation and the CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions & Regulations) are the governing documents for Tri Palm Estates & Country Club.

CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions & Regulations)

The CC&R Committee maintains the following documents:
• CC&R Maintenance Standards
• CC&R Violation Report

Senior Housing

The Senior Housing Committee maintains the following documents:
Senior Housing Policies & Procedures Guidelines
Senior Housing Age Verification Form
• Senior Housing Non-Senior Buyer

  Senior Housing Certification by Non-Senior-Fillable
Senior Housing Confidential Violation report


Insurance-Liability-Certificate -2021/2022


Fines for Violations

The Fines for Violations document explains the fine schedule when owners fail to clear violations and complaints.

Assessment Collection Policy

This document explains the Tri Palm Unified Owners Association (TPUOA) Assessment Collection Policy

TPUOA Methods of Communication

The TPUOA-Methods of Communications-pdf document explains how TPUOA will provide written information for the community and how we can be reached for your questions and comments.