Rules, Regulations & Facilities Committee

This committee monitors compliance with the rules and regulations of the recreational facilities and negotiates with the general manager to affect an amenable operation of the recreational facilities.

The committee shall receive all complaints of the maintenance, or of the rules and regulations of the recreational facilities by a member and such complaints shall be submitted in writing and signed by the complainant or complainants. See the Rules & Regulations Report Form.

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R) Committee

The CC&Rs have been developed so all residents at Tri Palm Estates enjoy a better quality of life. The CC&R Committee enforces property regulations other than architectural, recreation vehicles, pets and other animals. It is interested in maintaining Tri Palm Estates to be a neighborhood you want to live in and to invite your friends and family to visit. If a neighbor is in violation of the CC&Rs you can file an anonymous complaint with the committee to investigate the alleged violation and notify the owner to rectify any confirmed violation.

The CC&R Maintenance Standards should be reviewed by all homeowners. The Recreational Vehicle Ordinance explains the RV laws which pertain to all of Riverside County. The Tri Palm Estates governing documents can be viewed on the Documents page.

Senior Housing Committee

The purpose of the Senior Housing Committee is to enforce regulations designed to ensure that residency in Tri Palm Estates is restricted to “older persons” as defined by law and the governing documents. Unless otherwise required by federal, state or local, older persons means persons aged fifty-five (55) years or older.

Review the Senior Housing Policies and Procedures Guidelines.

Architectural Committee

The Architectural Committee approves, prior to starting work, any improvements, additions, alterations and plantings exceeding 36″ to the exterior of homes. If your plans are incomplete or not up to code the committee will work with you to develop a plan everybody agrees to.

The committee has the expertise to know if the plan is in violation of DRCs/CC&Rs, is a building code violation, a safety hazard, obscures a neighbor’s view or if the plan is not in the best interest of Tri Palm Estates.

The Architecture Rules & Regulations guidelines provide details for improvements, additions and alterations. See the ACC Quick Reference Guide to understand when an application is or is not required. When required, complete and submit an Architecture Review Application prior to job commencement.

Community Relations Committee

The Community Relations Committee interfaces with Tri Palm Estates organizations such as the Tri Palm Women’s Club, the Social Council, activity clubs, the Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.), the Disaster Preparedness Committee, and any auxiliary committees to determine their needs and identify how the Association can assist in resolving any problems and meeting club goals.

The committee is also responsible for communications between TPUOA and the community via the website, seasonal newsletter Happenings, and email bulletins.